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Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half!
    John Wanamaker (attributed)

Where to advertise, and what to say to make an advertisement successful, are the most important questions asked about advertising. So what makes an advertisement successful?

Here in MediArt we have a great deal of experience in the answer to that question, getting your message to the people who need to hear it, contact us to arrange a free consultation!

Show a clear benefit. The advertising shows a clear benefit to the viewer, making them curious and wanting to know more. Being able to deal with the main interests of the target market is vital, and gives them an incentive to take the next step and use your products or service. For example, "Are bad body odours getting you down?"

Inform the viewers of your advertisement. In a world increasingly challenged by information overload, people respond well to clear, easily understandable information. Incorporating this into your advertisement will not only bring you customers, it will increase their confidence in your business before they ever get in contact.

Assume your viewers are informed. Your advertisement needs to let potential customers know that you are professional and well informed on the product or service you are selling. Although more applicable to niche industries, this technique can work very effectively in general advertising. By telling customers something they already know, you not only establish your own authority on the topic, you qualify them at the same time.

Good advertising motivates. While communicating a message, you have an opportunity to get a response from the viewer, these two goals are not mutually exclusive, nor does one dilute the other. Even normal services being advertised can be framed in the manner of an offer or comparitive advantage, and contain a "call to action". This encourages potential customers who might be thinking about buying to take that step, simple branding advertising doesn't contain the same element of involvement and so can and will be ignored by the viewer.

Another very useful tactic is to offer something for free, either a brochure or "FREE information on our website", for example. This is also effective in getting people to your website, where you have their full attention.

Get the message across clearly. People viewing your advertisement have been saturated with advertising, so its vital that graphics and taglines are used as effectively as possible. If someone can't figure out what an advertisement is about within the first few seconds of looking at it, they will move on.
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