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An established market leader in online advertising, we have over six years of experience with ensuring that your business gets seen by the people you want. Mediart has an established track record of success after success.
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You don't close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise

Patricia Fripp

MediArt Sales specialises in providing cutting edge sales consultancy, sales training and sales courses to companies throughout Ireland.
  • Is recruitment and retention of good sales people a problem?
  • Is your in house sales training about selling or product knowledge?
  • Can outsourced sales trainers understand your business?
  • How will you know if sales training works?
MediArt can consult with you on all areas of your sales cycle, structures and processes, identifying crucial areas for improvement. We then create and deliver a custom designed sales course that is relevant to you and your sales people. Alternatively you may feel that an open sales course better suits your needs. Our open sales training courses are run throughout the year.

While we can deliver sales training to starter salespeople as part of our open sales course, our custom sales training is mainly aimed at more experienced salespeople who have knowledge and experience within their particular sales environment and industry, in particular instances where a sales team is unable to maximise their sales with regards to a proven sellable product or service.

We can also be effective where there is already a formal sales training structure, in this situation we can be used to invigorate and complement existing sales training and sales trainers.

Our expertise is in providing our customers with considered sales advice and sales training solutions that are as practical as they are effective. Our aim is to nurture a relationship with our clients so that we can continue to work together. In effect we assist in structuring your sales so that new levels of company growth can be achieved.

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