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It takes one hour of preparation for each minute of presentation time

Wayne Burgraff

The art of making good presentations is complex and difficult to master, but the process can be greatly facilitated by having the best tools available on hand to help underline and emphasise your points.

By focusing on the essential elements of the presentation and the use of multimedia, animations and audio effects, any presentation can be a tremendous success. At MediArt we know what it takes to produce superb presentations, using our in depth knowledge, experience and technical skills to help you get through it with flying colours, providing excellent value.

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Here are a few tips on making a successful presentation:

Information in depth: Having a successful business presentation that will have the audience on the edge of their seats requires more than the standard bullet points dropped into your PowerPoint. Add in unusual or interesting facts, relevant to your presentation. Surprise your audience. Its the one strange and seemingly out of step piece of information that will raise heads and cause discussion.

Too much information:
It is important when making a presentation to have an element of audience involvement, if only intellectually. By including too much information in your presentation, and by removing interesting but not very relevant images and text, you can enhance audience focus considerably.

Practice your Presentation: Ideally, a presentation needs to get the audience involved to the extent that you forget the speaker and concentrate almost entirely one the content of the presentation. This area is one where MediArt excels, producing gripping presentations which demand attention. Practice your delivery over and over, alone and in front of an audience, concentrating on your body language (not too much or too little).

Comedy Rarely Works: While it may be tempting to throw in a few one liners in order to engage your audience, it is important to remember that in business presentations, people aren't there to laugh.

A Few Simple Props: A big bag of props and tricks is not of great value in a presentation, a few simple ones to illustrate the most important points can make all the difference.

Its all About the Audience: Put the audience in the presentation, with situational examples, or role playing. They don't really care about your company, they want to know if you can satisfy their needs and requirements.

Explain Yourself: Try not to use acronyms unless you have to, and explain them if you do. It is surprising how many industry professionals might not be up to date with the latest and greatest buzzwords.

Excessive Slides: When almost every presentation involves a selection of PowerPoint slides, to make yours stand out, you need something special. At MediArt we apply the graphical and audio technology we specialise in to produce presentations which get to the point and make the point stick.
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