Sometimes the situation is only a problem because it is looked at in a certain way. Looked at in another way, the right course of action may be so obvious that the problem no longer exists.

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Public Relations is the practice of managing and regulating the flow of information between an organisation and its publics, helping them to adapt to one another, and as such is integral to any organisation's ongoing growth and development.

By targeting audiences rather than demographics, effective public relations can produce distinct yet complementary messages effectively communicating with the audiences of an organisation, bringing a company and its market more in step with one another. Give us a call for your free consultation.


What is a Press Release?
A press release is a short, informative article that gives timely information about a product or company. It should be newsworthy, concise and truthful. Always start with an attention-grabbing sentence. This gives the release a better chance of being used by the publication and read by customers.

Why Should I Send Out a Press Release?
Press releases work to your advantage for name recognition, free media placement and informing your customers about new products or developments. By keeping your customers informed, you are building relationships with them. The more they know about your company and products/services, the more comfortable they will be buying from you.

A press release printed in a trade magazine shows off your new products to all of your customers at once and brings your products to the attention of potential customers. Without the publicity generated by a press release, many of these prospects might not become exposed to your products.

What Should My Press Release be About?
Whatever the press release is about, it should have news value. News value means that the subject of the release is relevant to the publication's readers. Some suggestions for topics of news releases are:

When Should I Send Out a Press Release?
The time period that magazines have to receive information before the publication date is called "lead time." In the truck equipment industry, most trade publications have a lead time of two months. So, if you want something published in a January issue, you should send it to the editor by the first week of November.

Suggestions for Information to Include in a Press Release

Points to Remember